Business Segments

Strategic Objective

To become one of China’s largest integrated service providers specializing in convention, exhibition and forums.

Main Line Of Business

Planning and organizing exhibitions, communication, meeting forums and festival activities, management of convention and exhibition pavilions, exhibit transportation, setting up of advertisement, etc.

Competitive Edge

  The Group boasts rich experience and solid strength in exhibition & communication, large-scale activities and pavilion operation. The Group’s convention & exhibition enterprises have organized and undertaken numerous brand exhibitions with recognition and influence like CIIF, CSITF, ECF and APPPEXPO (with the largest scale in the world and honored as No.1 brand in China’s advertising industry). The Group possesses a series of convention and exhibition pavilions like Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center and Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center, with a total exhibition area of over 110,000 square meters. The Group also takes part in the investment, construction and operation of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), which encompasses 1.47 million square meters. The Group’s convention & exhibition business has gradually developed into a unique industrial chain integrating exhibition planning, pavilion construction and operation, promotion, marketing, project management and transportation service. With a prestigious reputation in the communications business, the Group enjoys strong competitiveness in brand services, media operations, and public relations activities. The Group has also won the Effie award, the top level award in the international advertising industry.


  • 2017年华交会 2017.03.01-03.05

  • 2017年广印展 2017.03.08-03.11

  • 2017年上交会 2017.04.20-04.22

  • 2017年上海半程马拉松 2017.04.23

  • 2017年宠博会 2017.05.05-05.07

  • 2017年信博会 2017.06.28-06.30

  • 2017年绿色建博会 2017.07.05-07.07

  • 2017年工博会 2017.11.07-11.11

  • 2017年上海国际马拉松 2017.11.12