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DLG Convenes 6th & Last Session of the First Board of Directors Meeting in 2018


On August 10, DLG convened the Sixth & Last Session of the First Board of Directors Meeting in 2018. Chairman Wang Qiang presided over the meeting, and Vice Director Yao Li and Directors Cao Wei, Sheng Leiming and Yan Yumin attended the meeting, and Chairman Zheng Shanhe, Vice Chairman Ni Jin and Supervisors Hong Jianming, Wu Minghua and Chen Junqi from the Board of Supervisors sat in on the meeting. The meeting reviewed and approved such seven proposals as the Proposal of Shanghai Donghao Lansheng TGood New Energy Technology Co., Ltd on Investing in the Construction Project of New Energy Charging Infrastructure, Proposal on Shanghai Foreign Service (Group) Co., Ltd Increasing Its Capital to One Billion Yuan, Proposal on Conducting the Relevant Items of Work after China Shanghai (Group) Corporation for Foreign Economic & Technological Cooperation and Shanghai Light Industrial International (Group) Co., Ltd Have Been Incorporated into DLG, Proposal on Lansheng Corporation and Shanghai Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Corporation Disposing Its Land to Bright Food Group, Proposal on Reporting the Situation of Appropriating the Increased Capital to the National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Proposal on Establishing the Group’s Internal Auditing Management Department (draft for review) and Proposal on Establishing the Office of the Group’s Board of Directors. 
Up to now, the term of the current Board of Directors has been fully served.