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DLG Convenes 1st Session of New Board of Directors Meeting


On August 10, the Group convened the first session of the second board of directors meeting after the expiration of the term of the last board of directors. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Wang Qiang, Vice Chairman Yao Li and Directors Lv Yongming, Chen Naiwei, Hu Fen, Cao Wei and Ge Ping attended the meeting, and Chairman Zheng Shanhe, Vice Chairman Ni Jin and Supervisors Hong Jianming, Wu Minghua and Chen Junqi from the Board of Supervisors sat in on the meeting. The meeting confirmed the members of DLG’s second board of directors and reviewed and approved such three proposals as the Proposal on Appointing the Group’s Management Staff, Proposal on Determining the Members of the Special Committee and the Working Body of the Board of Directors and Proposal on Appointing the Secretary of the Group’s Board of Directors.