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DLG Safety Committee Convenes 2nd Enlarged Meeting in 2018


 On August 9, the Safety Committee of Donghao Lansheng Group (DLG or the Group in brief) convened its second enlarged meeting. The attendees included Cao Wei, President of DLG and Director of the Safety Committee, Gao Wenwei, Vice President of DLG and Vice Director of the Safety Committee, the principal leaders of the member units of the said committee, the relevant leaders of the various industrial groups and subsidiaries, the persons-in-charge of the safety management departments, the Safety specialists, the persons-in-charge of the tertiary entity units, the persons-in-charge of the various departments of DLG headquarters and so on. 
The meeting reviewed the Group’s work summary report on production safety in the first half of this year and its report on the major tasks on production safety in the next half. Vice President Gao Wenwei relayed the gist of the municipal government’s production safety meeting on guaranteeing the smooth convocation of China International Import Expo (CIIE), mobilized the attendees to work hard to prepare for expo and made arrangements for formulating an action plan to ensure the security of CIIE. President Cao Wei put forward three requirements in his speech: Judge the safety situation correctly and improve the consciousness on safety responsibility; the various units must conscientiously complete the major items of work in the next half year; and conduct the fire safety investigation and rectification in an all-round manner so as to ensure the smooth convocation of CIIE.