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DLG Convenes Report Meeting on Work Progress of Import Commodities Center


On August 13, Donghao Lansheng Group (DLG) convened a report meeting for the work progress of the “6+365” Donghao Lansheng Import commodities Center (hereinafter referred to “Import Commodities Center”. Wang Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of DLG and Cao Wei, President of DLG heard the report of the person-in-charge of the Import Commodities Center.
Chairman Wang Qiang stressed: The operation key of the Import Commodities Center is the exhibits, first-class exhibits and technologies are a must to attract the audience, so the cutting-edge products in the comprehensive health field should be brought to China to be on show; meanwhile, for the six-day import expo, the Central Government and local government have launched many preferential policies, so the Import Commodities Center must study them and introduce the proper policies into the Import Commodities Center platform. 
As the only “6+365” One-stop Trade Services Platform which has its pavilion in NECC, the Import Commodities Center will be divided into four exhibition zones. Zone A is the “Country Pavilion”, which will accommodate exhibits from the foreign countries like New Zealand, Mongolia, Malaysia and Singapore, with the New Zealand Pavilion currently being under construction in an all-round way; Zone B is the exhibition zone for “health products”, in which the organizations and enterprises like the Japanese ICA will display their frontier products in the health products industry; Zone C is the “Bonded Functional Exhibition Zone”, which will function as a functional zone to display the tax returns supervised by the Customs and to dock with CIIE; and Zone D is the “Boutique Showcase of Enterprises” whose products will be displayed according to the product categories by the organizations and enterprises like the National Technology Transfer Center and China Association of Trade in Services.
The relevant persons-in-charge of the International Trading Group, the Working Group on CIIE Integrated Coordination Services, the Investment Department, the Headquarters Office, the Research Office and the Party-masses attended the meeting.