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DLG Convenes Preparation Meeting for Global Aviation Industry Chain Summit Forum


 On August 14, DLG convened the Preparatory Meeting for the Global Aviation Industry Chain Summit Forum. Wang Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of DLG and Cao Wei, President of DLG heard the progress report of the meeting preparation group. 
Chairman Wang Qiang stated: The holding of the Aviation Industry Chain Summit Forum is of great significance and is beneficial to bring along the spillover effect of CIIE; and as the forum can strengthen the links between enterprises and governments in China and USA, it has political significance. Chairman Wang required the relevant preparatory units to conduct the various items of work more solidly and meticulously. 
President Cao Wei put forward some requirements on the specific items of work like venue arrangement, audience organization, guest invitation and schedule arrangement. 
As a supporting service for the CIIE high-end intelligent equipment area, the “Aviation Industry Chain Forum” not only is beneficial to trace the development trend of the global aviation industry, but also can effectively promote the overseas industrial chain to participate in the construction of Chinese aviation industry. Scheduled for November 8, CIIE “Aviation Industry Chain Forum” centers on such four themes as “national industrial plan”, “development of large domestic aircraft”, “advanced international management experience on supply chain” and “intelligent aviation manufacturing and advanced materials”. The persons-in-charge of some famous enterprises like COMAC, Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, SIEMENS and TSI Seats are invited to deliver speeches and exchange views; meanwhile, the representatives from the Department of Commerce of the State of Washington and Snohomish county – the second largest aviation cluster of the State of Washington are invited to participate in the forum. The forum has won great support some leading enterprises like Fairfriend Group, Demage, Mappa Tool, Mitsubishi Materials, Kenner Metal, Cosen Saws, Delta Electronics and Advantech. 
The persons-in-charge from the Exhibition & Convention Group, International Trading Group, Eaststar Company, Working Group on CIIE Integrated Coordination Services, Investment Department, Administration Office, Research Office and other units participated in the meeting.