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Study Big-airplane Gist and Actively Expand Market DLG Visits COMAC


On February 20, Wang Qiang, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Donghao Lansheng Group (DLG or the Group in brief), Cao Wei, President of DLG, Gao Wenwei, Vice President of DLG, Li Dong, Vice President of DLG as well the persons-in-charge of the relevant industrial groups, professional companies and functional departments paid a visit to the headquarters of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC), aiming to actively expand the business scope of the Group. 
Entrusted by He Dongfeng, Chairman of the Board and Party Secretary of COMAC, Wu Guanghui, Standing Member of the Party Committee, Vice General Manager of COMAC and Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Cheng Fubo, Standing Member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of COMAC as well as the relevant persons-in-charge of the Procurement and Suppliers Management Department, General Office, HR Department, Marketing and Sales Department, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Development & Planning Department and other departments met with the visitors. 
Both parties had a cordial, friendly, efficient and profound talk on cooperation in such fields as human resources, convention & exhibition, construction of museums, expansion of supply chain, international trade service and green energy. During the talk, Chairman Wang Qiang expressed his sincere thanks to COMAC, hoping that this visit and learning can promote further mutual cooperation in the future. Chairman Wang Qiang stated: The cooperation between DLG and COMAC not only has certain foundation and is also multiple-sided; especially at the First CIIE, the International Aviation Supply Chain Forum sponsored by DLG was greatly supported by COMAC and came to an end with remarkable success; and it’s expected that both parties can unite some relevant enterprises from China and USA to co-sponsor the aviation forum at the Second CIIE, thus expanding the influence of the forum and make contributions to China’s aviation industry. 
Wu Guanghui thanked DLG for its visit and expected to have in-depth cooperation with DLG in many aspects, thus striving to realize the hope put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the 2018 Member’s Conference of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering: “making scientists a career that countless Chinese children venerate and yearn for!”
After the talk, Chairman Wang Qiang and his entourage went to the research and development base of Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, where they visited COMAC’s Cultural Corridor, C919 Avionics Laboratory, C919 Iron Bird Test Rig, C919 Demonstration Prototype and CR929 Demonstration Prototype. After watching the documentary of General Secretary Xi Jinping cordially caring about the big airplane project, the visitors stated that they would learn from COMAC about its “Big Airplane Gist” of “long-term struggle, long-term problem tackling, long-term suffering and long-term dedication”, uphold the motto of “The long journey begins with a small step and carrying on down-to-earth”, serve the national strategy, match with the internationally first-class standard, forge ahead and set sails once again.