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Vice Director-general Chen Hao of Organizational Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee Conducts Investigation & Research in DLG


 On the afternoon of March 7, Chen Hao, Vice Director-general of the Organizational Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Jiang Yunfeng, member, commissioner of bureau of enterprise cadres of the Organizational Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee came to Donghao Lansheng Group to investigate and research into a series of matters. All the Party and administrative leaders of Donghao Lansheng Group (DLG or the Group in brief) including Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board Wang Qiang and President Cao Wei attended the meeting. 
At the meeting, Chairman Wang Qiang introduced about the Group’s profile, business structure, transformational upgrading direction and service with China International Import Expo and looked forward to the medium- and long-term development objectives of the Group as well as the coming first Party Congress of the Group. 
On hearing the report, Vice Director-general Chen Hao sang high praise for the achievements DLG had made after the reorganization of the former two group companies. He stated that the leadership of the Group had a quite clear knowledge of the Group’s development direction and objective and the three-step strategy of the Group was quite exciting. He also expected DLG to realize its set objective as soon as possible through efforts: By the middle of this century, DLG ranks among the Top 500 enterprises in the world and becomes an international modern service group with market competitiveness and global influence. 
According to Vice Director-general Chen Hao, DLG’s business has high relevance to many national strategies, and good examples are: The Group’s HR service has contributed a lot to the creation of Shanghai Talent Highland; in the national Road & Belt construction strategy, the main battlefield includes the international trade business of DLG; and in the three tasks of Shanghai put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, the construction requirement of the Yangtze River Delta Integration is closely related with CIIE and the construction of National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in which the Group has deeply participated. NECC locates at the periphery of the Yangtze River Delta Integration Demonstration Zone and enjoys obvious geographical advantage. He hoped that DLG would serve the national strategy and bring into full play its leading role.